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It goes without saying that if you reflect space it gives the illusion of there being more of it. As we squeeze ourselves into ever-smaller living spaces, the clever use of mirrors can help us breathe more freely and reflect borrowed light.

We use the latest computer controlled machinery to cut and polish your mirrors so that your product arrives at your home finished to an unparelled standard and accurate to within points of a millimetre ensuring you of a perfect fit and quality product to enhance your living space for years to come.

We can supply frameless glass mirrors to virtually any shape or size from a small mirror with polished edges and drilled holes to complete walls or ceilings fixed invisibly and even heat mirrors if they are in a high moisture environment to stop them misting up.

Mirrors are only normal glass which goes through a process to make them reflect so can be processed in the same way glass is, we can polish and bevel edges, drill holes, etch designs into the face or back, cut holes, introduce colour, engrave, brilliant cut and even bend.

We provide a full survey and installation service 


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